People who follow Jesus give their lives away to serve others. Jesus did that – and so should those who follow Him. We want to follow Jesus, and we encourage and challenge one another to give our lives to things that matter now and forever.

The early church met by the thousands on Sundays, lived in community by the dozens in House Churches throughout the week, and used their life and resources to serve their world. Church Project is committed to following the life and teachings of Jesus by meeting needs and sharing the gospel.  

Church Project partners financially and personally with effective ministries who meet needs and share the love of Christ. We have local and global partners who we join together with through people serving, and through our giving.  We give our lives and time and talents to serve and lead and impact our world.

 We are committed through our giving, as we give away increasingly 10% of our budget annually outside of the walls and operations of the church building and leadership.  Currently 10% of our budget is committed outside of the walls of our church, to our community, and world. We will continue raising this percentage until we are giving away 50% of our budget to these ministry partnerships. 

- Each local and global Ministry Partner is vetted carefully, supported generously, and held accountable by Church Project.

- Each Ministry Partner has a liaison from Church Project who supports our Ministry Partner, and who connects people from our church into serving opportunities with their specific ministry.

- Each Ministry Partner receives dependable, consistent monthly and annual financial support from Church Project.  

To individually discuss your passions for ministry, CONTACT US and let us know what areas you might be interested in serving or possibly leading. To pursue this conversation please email




We are passionate about making an impact in our local community for Christ by supporting non-profits that meet needs, share the Gospel, and already have momentum on the ground. We do this by giving financial support regularly and supplying volunteers when opportunities arise. This year our goal is to give away 10% or more to these Ministry Partnerships and other ministries outside the walls of our church. Another one of our goals this year is to identify a ministry liaison, which is a lay leader in the church, whose purpose is to help communicate and organize ministry opportunities between our church and the non-profit.

Would you pray about becoming a Ministry Liaison if you are passionate about one of these ministries?



Child foster care, adoption, transition, and other essential needs for children/families
Awaiting Ministry Liaison

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A gospel-centered response to the sex-trafficking in the greater DFW area. JSL ministers to the women and those involved in this industry.
Matt Cass, Ministry Liaison

email Matt Cass:

for more details

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A church planting support ministry that invests & supports both church plants and revitalization efforts in Texas.

Andy White, Ministry Liaison

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for more details

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Reaching and Building Up the Inner City for Jesus
Awaiting Ministry Liason

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**We are currently looking to add on a few more Ministry Partnerships in the local communities in the Woodbridge & FM 544 area.





Global Miinstry Partnership // Potential Dates:  TBD

Description: Working with the churches, schools and the orphanage that Church Project supports, there will be lots of direct interaction teaching Bible lessons, running sports camps, loving on kids, construction projects and most importantly preaching the gospel.  

Contact:  Andy White  |  



Global Ministry Partnership // Potential Dates:  TBD

Description: We are working with local churches, schools and a local missionary from Church Project Dallas on the ground in the Philippines. Our hope is to first, send regular support and resources to support local work of the gospel in unreached areas. Pastor Awab Sahi, from the Molbog tribe, located in Balabac, Palawan is a former muslim in that area. He is now a pastor to that tribe. This tribe has never had clean water before. The church there has helped them build a deep well, and for the first time, they now have clean drinking water, thanks to the support of churches like Church Project that are behind this missional work. This tribe is an unreached people group in the Philippines. Now that they finally have drinking water, they are looking to build 4 permanent restrooms for the community to help with hygiene and sanitation. These kind of projects save lives in these areas of the world. We will be partnering to Meet Needs such as these. When Needs are met that save peoples lives their ears are open to the gospel of Christ. Eventually in coming years we hope to send more representatives from CP Dallas on mission to this work in the Philippines. For now we will work in cooperation with those on the ground doing the work. Please consider praying and supporting this work today.

Contact:  Andy White  |  


CP Network

Church Project exists to make disciples, meet needs & GROW CHURCHES. 

We believe that Christ changes lives, and that His church can be the most powerful influence of love and change on the planet, which has led Church Project to plant churches across the country and around the world.

For more information about church planting and the Church Project Network of churches: